Gigs that Give

For Profit, Purpose Driven

The simplest way to make a social impact is directly donating to the non-profits involved. But we don’t want our guests to just watch us do good, we want to inspire them to get out and make a difference.

For centuries live music has brought out the best in people for reasons beyond defining. Music makes us feel. And quite often, those emotions make us act. If then, for one extraordinary evening, music can bring a crowd to its feet. Uniting as one. Singing and dancing as if part of the show. Just imagine what’s attainable as the stage lights turn your way. 

We will continuously develop how we want to structure the charitable giving aspect, but at the end of the day, we’re going to make a difference for millions of people across the world, one extraordinary musical evening at a time.

That’s our mission, and we won’t stop until it’s been met.

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